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Baldness – a problem far beyond personal

Hair is the capillary adornment. If cared for, it will shine and show you off. Hair shapes your personality. Therefore, hair is a defining element in many situations. And often, you have probably been in the situation where baldness was the reason for less pleasant moments. Therefore, you want a quick, affordable and adaptable solution for any type of hair and colour.

Hair loss has many causes. Everybody wants to avoid hair loss as baldness is a problem for which there are little solutions. Plus Additional Hair offers a fast solution, with visible results and low costs. Plus Additional Hair has the solution even for those who have dyed hair and want to brush the regrown hair line. Starting today, baldness will no longer be a problem for you.

For whom is Plus Additional Hair useful?


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    It covers frontal baldness                                                                                                          It covers severe baldness



                                                         It covers frontal baldness                                                                                                            It covers severe baldness

What are the benefits of using “Plus”?

Why should ladies use “Plus”?

As we know, a lot of people are affected by hair thinning and / or loss. Many people have been dealing for years with hair loss, which is why their professional and personal life is affected. With Hair Additional Plus these people can have again a hair with volume and can regain their confidence. Their lives will change radically.

Ladies can also be victims of thinning, stringy hair or may experience hair loss, which leads to loss of self-confidence. With Plus Additional Hair ladies can have hair with volume and natural looking. The feminine beauty ideal can be achieved using safely bonding vegan cotton fibbers. And this is without hair sprays containing chemicals and styling agents.

What does Plus Additional Hair contain?



Magnetic microfibers

Vitamin E

Before & After

Plus Additional Hair works!

How to apply Plus Additional Hair?

Before applying Plus Additional Hair, wash your hair, usually with a normal shampoo..

After washing, dry your hair. Plus Additional Hair should be applied to dry and clean hair.

Apply a dose of Plus Additional Hair several times on the bald area.

Magnetic microfibers will bond to the affected area and baldness will be covered in just 10 seconds.

“After application, brush your hair with a soft brush to style and ensure volume”

“The product applied withstands rain, wind and can only be removed by washing”.

What do our clients say?

I was so sceptical that I could not believe what I saw was real. Then I tried it out and I don’t want to miss the opportunity again. Thank you!

Eu am par carunt si cred ca o sa comand gri. Multumesc Plus Additional Hair. Acum nu numai ca nu mai am probleme cu calvitia, insa s-a schimbat si culoarea parului. Cel putin 10 ani diferenta.

Parul meu era destul de rar si aveam calvitie. O prietena mi-a povestit despre produsul vostru. Acum pot acoperi calvitia rapid si usor. Extraordinar! Eu l-am luat! Raport calitate/ pret de Top!